Linda Etherton

Jamie Barber, the REALTOR®, was recommended to me by my good friend, Gayle, as well as another person that I had worked with for a long time, Shannon. As a single mother I was buying a home for the first time. I needed someone that I could trust more than anything and they couldn't sing his praises high enough. So, I contacted Jamie Barber and started the long process of looking for a home. He was always there for me and seemed to drop everything to show me the homes that I really wanted to see when I needed to see them. He was very reasonable to talk with as well as professional and even didn't mind taking me to homes that I wasn't quite sure about. I would feel sorry that I bothered him with them but he said:"That way, we can cross them off your list and you know what you don't want." With each offer, he walked me through the whole process and all the mounds of paperwork. He was a very expert and knowledgeable person in the field of real estate and would always have an answer for me. We finally found the home that I wanted and they accepted the offer. Then, it seemed the buying process was just beginning; the home inspections, the escrow and loan process. But through it Jamie was at my side as he helped me through the whole thing. When it was all done and I had some problems at the end. He even returned my calls on his weekend to make sure that I was helped or if I wasn't he would help me through it again. I would recommend Jamie Barber to handle any of your real estate needs. He helped me buy my home in a friendly, warm and expert manner. And, I wasn't the person paying for his services, the seller was. But in Jamie's case I'm sure that didn't matter. He was always there for me anytime or anywhere that I needed anything in regards to the purchase of my new home. I really feel that I made a new friend in Jamie."