Nevada County Outdoor Adventures

Cycling Bridgeport

The weather is finally warming up in Nevada City and it’s time to get outside and play.  Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll, mountain bike ride or SUP adventure, Nevada City has something for everyone.  Need a bike?  Stop by Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop and gear up, if you’re looking for a cycling group check out their calendar of group rides.

South Yuba Trail

Head to the South Yuba River and take a hike along the South Yuba Trail, plenty of perfect picnic spots to cool off along the way.

Mother's Beach, South Yuba River

Or if you’re looking for some more water fun, consider renting a SUP or Kayak from Mountain Rec and heading to either Scotts Flat Lake or Lower Scotts Flat Lake.

SUP at Scott's Flat Lake

Erin Thiem is the owner of Outside Inn, a small hotel in a quiet neighborhood in downtown Nevada City.  Erin is a passionate supporter of everything Nevada City.  She publishes articles on many local sites in town, including her own blog Innside Nevada City.  

©Photos by Erin Thiem