Judith Cooper

"To Whom It May Concern: I’m writing this letter to recommend using Jamie Barber’s real estate services. I’m a first time homebuyer. Jamie spent several months showing properties to me. He was unfailingly kind, patient, knowledgeable and willing to write as many offers as requested. I decided on a home offered as a “short sale”. Jamie wisely used a computerized service to cut down on the usual number of months required to complete a short sale. There were times when I was discouraged & irritated with the homeowner’s bank. But Jamie kept my spirits up & guided me through the process. I now own a lovely home thanks to Jamie’s help. I was also very pleased with how Jamie set up the various home inspections and repairs needed before purchase. He made it so easy for me. Jamie always went above and beyond the call of duty. When the college students I hired to help me move disappeared, Jamie called around to find other movers for me. Jamie truly acts from his heart to help find your special home. And he’s so pleased when you do. He made it clear, even though the sale is over, he’s still available to help with information I may need to care for and enjoy my home."