Chris & Laura

“Imagine you are looking for a house on acreage, private, with square-footage and a sound structure, all within a limited budget and in an area with not much inventory—and your realtor doesn’t balk. We were optimistic, had unlikely expectations, and were possibly a realtor’s worst nightmare—we were determined to wait for the perfect property. Jamie Barber took the time to educate us on the process and the market, research different neighborhoods, organize and stand inspections, as well as anything else that turned out to be needed, while never making us feel like we were wasting his time (which we are sure we did more than a few times). He encouraged us to look at more properties, to call him more, and to not settle. With a limited budget, we did not expect this kind of dedication and support from our realtor. And with a great support staff at Network Real Estate, we never felt like we would miss out on a property. Beyond Jamie’s infectious work ethic and professionalism, his attention to detail is what truly sets him apart. We encountered a very difficult escrow. You could even say it was one of the more difficult escrows a realtor has had to navigate. Jamie carefully worded our contingencies, researched and advised us on all of our options, and handled a difficult situation with ease, and we are very grateful to have had him on our side. In the end, we found the perfect house, and, a friend.”