Caroline and Michael Grossmann

"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we recommend Jamie Barber as a Realtor. It was time for us to find a new house so we of course thought about Jamie; he had helped our parents find their new house. But we weren’t going to be easy clients; we had a very small area we were willing to buy in and had several requirements for the house. Jamie was very patient. And his primary goal was to make sure we got a good house we were happy with, it didn’t matter how many houses we looked at, or how often we went out. We finally found the house. It was a short sale. Jamie did a great job guiding us in what we should offer and what would be appealing to the bank. He also prepared us well for the process. A lot of hurry up and wait. He would have to remind us, with our own check list, why the house was worth waiting for, “don’t get discouraged”. And he was on top of everything, checking in with the selling agent weekly to see where they were with the bank. And then when it looked close, had all the inspectors ready to go, because once the bank says yes there is no time to waste. After 78 days of waiting for the bank and 20 days after the yes we were the owners of a house. We highly recommend Jamie and would be happy to talk to any prospective clients about our experience."